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Howdy! Your friendly, neighborhood nerd here. If you're like me, you probably like digging into the nitty gritty on teams to find out why they're succeeding or failing. Or you just need some trash talk fodder. This will be the place for your stat needs.

I plan on updating this page weekly on Mondays, and it will include the basics (batting average, slugging percentage, etc), as well as some advanced stats like weighted on base average, or wOBA.

If you're unfamiliar with wOBA, you can read more about it on this Fangraphs article. The general idea is that it's an all-encompassing batting stat that weights batting results based on their importance to generating runs. Home runs and triples are worth more runs than singles or walks, things like that. College baseball will have different weights than the MLB so those weights are created yearly and can be found here.

I created this data pull using a package on R called baseballr, which was made by Bill Petti. As of the date of this going live, I am still working through an issue with pulling intentional walks for batters; however, that should not drastically affect the wOBA values, as IBBs are relatively rare (only occurred in 0.3% of plate appearances in 2021). 

The data gets pulled when I hit go on my code, so there could be games that happen on Mondays that aren't included in that particular data pull (postponements, mid-week games happening on Monday, etc). If you notice a data discrepancy, please let me know via Twitter, but there's a chance the game happened to start after ran the code. 

There are team stat rankings shown below, but if you're interested in digging deeper, here is the link to the Google Sheet!

Without further adieu, let's get nerdy.

- Offensive Stats -

- Pitching -

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