CBR is a modified RPI statistic that factors in conference RPI, conference record, and other factors. The CBR is more accurate than the RPI in predicting postseason selection. The bold line represents the boundary between teams projected to make the tournament and those that are predicted to miss this tournament.

Additional notes: The weights for each component of CBR were trained using the NCAA Selection Committee's picks from the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Both CBR and RPI are dependent upon teams playing non-conference games. Teams from conferences that are not playing non-conferences games this season (e.g., Big Ten, MAAC) are unlikely to be ranked accurately and can only be compared within conference. The boundary of teams predicted to make/miss the tournament was chosen based on the number of at-large bids available this season (34) and with the assumption that the MAAC will be a one-bid league. The CBR will be frequently updated.