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Oct 24

Pac12 Post Season Tourney


So the AD's have finally put into motion a postseason tournament for baseball (and maybe softball). After years and years of being against this, legislature is out and now needs to be voted on to be approved. Might go into affect in 2021.


So where should they host it? Most of the Pac12 sports that have tourny's do it in Vegas, and makes sense for baseball to be there also. Aviators (A's AAA affiliate) have a brand new stadium there which is nice. Seems like the best location. Once you start getting into other areas out west, it can make it hard to either get to, or gives one team a decided edge in fans/crowds and it becomes more a home series. Non die hard fans from Oregon/Washington are not traveling to Arizona, Southern California for a weekend (and vice versa) when they just can watch it on tv. Spending 4 days in Vegas though might have other incentives and reasons to make the trip. Not saying ideal or that "everyone wants to go to vegas" but tournament then becomes an attraction, rather than just a couple extra games on the schedule.


Phoenix area obviously has all the spring training facilities and is easy to get to, but again, with ASU being there and UA real easy drive, could become more a "home series". LA could host (as could SF), but again, local teams close by. I could see San Diego being an attraction and that would check some boxes also.

I'd love to see a tournament in the Pac-12. PetCo might be a possibility in San Diego. Oracle in SF would be really amazing but probably difficult to schedule.


Vegas makes a lot of sense as a neutral site and good destination for tourists (cheap flights too), but it would be really hot.

Oct 31

Average high temp on May 25th in vegas is 91 with a low of 67, with no humidity. Not sure I'd classify that as really hot. As a comparison I looked up Hoover Alabama for same date and average high there was 83, low 64. We're not talking mid July temps (during which the Aviators play, and MiLB doesn't seem to have an issue with that). I just don't think the weather that time of year is a reason to not hold it there (though there may be other reasons).


Where ever they decide to hold it, I'm not sure I want it to be an MLB stadium. Crowds are not going to be huge to begin with and playing tourny in venue that holds 45,000+ will be bad optics. Would prefer 8,000 people packed into smaller venue where crowds will add to excitement level. 8,000 people get lost in a cavanous stadium.

Not as hot as I would have thought. And that might help the teams that have to travel to hotter places anyway. I'd definitely be willing to attend a tournament in Vegas. Also, fair point about too big of stadium.

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