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Nov 2

With the success of the Florida/Georgia Fall Ball game, what other rivalry games would you want to see in the Fall?


OU vs Texas seems like a good one (in Dallas)

Where would you want to see it played?

Nov 2

Football rivals that play every year but baseball teams that are in different conferences and are not rivals and do not play each other in the spring.


How about USC/Notre Dame and games played at the site of who's hosting football game that year?


For a fall game (ie scrimmage), I really don't care to see teams matched up that are in same conference and will face each other anyways in spring when it counts. But I suppose that's just me.

Missouri-Missouri State/Arkansas State

Kansas-Kansas State/Wichita State

Oklahoma- Oklahoma State/ Arkansas

Texas AM- Houston-Rice

Baylor-UTA-Houston Baptist

lLSU-ORU-Florida State



got more will do later





Nov 9


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