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ACC Decides on 50-Game Schedule for 2021

The ACC is moving ahead with a 50-game schedule for the 2021 college baseball season. The schedule will be highlighted by an increase in conference games (36 up from the usual 30), and 14 non-conference games that can be played over the weekend or as midweeks.

Kendall Rogers broke the news via Twitter on Friday.

Multiple sources within the ACC have also corroborated the news. One source expressed some concern about making decisions too early and cited January as an appropriate time to make decisions about conference scheduling. However, this was not the prevailing attitude in the conference.

Another source shared with College Baseball Nation the difficulties of last-minute scheduling in college baseball.

"You have to make travel arrangements and other factors that are more challenging for baseball than they are for basketball and football. Our sport from a finance perspective is quite a bit more challenging, and there comes the pressure of figuring it out earlier than later."

The ACC joins the Mountain West and Conference USA in conferences who have made official changes to their 2021 conference slate. Unlike the ACC, these two conferences decreased their number of conference games, a cost-cutting strategy. The ACC, on the other hand, is seeking to ensure as many games as possible by increasing the conference slate to 36 games.

The ACC season is scheduled to begin on February 19, the earliest allowable start date for the 2021 season.


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