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Best Hitters from 2019 in the AAC

Tulane had one of the most explosive offenses in the country in 2019. The departure of Kody Hoese, the 25th overall pick in the draft will leave a void in the offense, but Hudson Haskin, second in wOBA in the American will be there to fill his place. Kobi Owen also made the top ten wOBA list for the Green Wave.

ECU matched Tulane with three hitters in the top ten in conference: Spence Brickhouse, Jake Washer, and Bryant Packard. Each member of the trio was all selected in the 2019 MLB Draft.

Two UCF players, Dallas Beaver and Matthew Mika, finished in the top ten in wOBA in the American. Joe Genord represented USF's only top ten hitter, and Luke Ritter was Wichita State's sole representative.


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