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CBR College Baseball Postseason Rankings

We are very excited to introduce CBR, College Baseball Nation's computer ranking that predicts what the NCAA Selection Committee will do when selecting the field of 64.

A key component of CBR is the RPI, which the selection committee has publicly stated is one of the key factors in selecting teams for the postseason. CBR also takes into account conference record, conference RPI, and other factors.

CBR more accurately predicts at-large bids than the RPI alone, but cannot take into account massive outliers (Washington, 2018 or TCU, 2019).

It is unclear what the selection committee will do with teams from conferences only playing conference games (e.g., Big Ten and MAAC), so CBR rankings for these teams are only useful in comparison to each other.

With that said, here are the CBR rankings as of Sunday, April 25th.


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