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The 2021 MLB Draft: The Top 100 College Players

Three months into the college baseball season and just seven weeks until MLB’s First Year Player Draft, it’s high time that we here at CBN updated our original College Player Rankings from December. In fact, we won’t just update the list, but will also double it from 50 to 100 players.

Like all seasons, the 2021 campaign from a draft perspective has treated us to a wide array of surprises, Certain players have disappointed (looking at you, Jud Fabian, Adrian Del Castillo, Alex Binelas, and Richard Fitts), others have shot up draft boards (props to you, Henry Davis, Matt Mikulski, and Sal Frelick), and unfortunately the injury bug has muddied the draft stock of a third group (condolences to Gunnar Hoglund, Jaden Hill, Matt McLain, and Ryan Webb).

As much as we love the draft, we hate to admit that 2021 will likely be a subpar year in terms of talent. While Jack Leiter, aside from a few hiccups, has emerged as arguably the best college righthander in years, the pitching ranks thin considerably after the first half-dozen or so hurlers—a development that certainly won’t be aided by Hoglund and Hill requiring Tommy John surgery. In addition, worse-than-expected seasons from Fabian & Co. have negatively impacted the college hitter crop to such an extent that it’s possible there will not be two college bats drafted within the top 10 for the first time since 2012.

1. Jack Leiter, RHP, Vanderbilt

2. Henry Davis, C, Louisville

3. Sam Bachman, RHP, Miami (OH)

4. Kumar Rocker, RHP, Vanderbilt

5. Colton Cowser, OF, Sam Houston State

6. Matt McClain, 2B/SS, UCLA

7. Jordan Wicks, LHP, Kansas State

8. Ty Madden, RHP, Texas

9. Jud Fabian, OF, Florida

10. Ryan Cusick, RHP, Wake Forest

11. Matt Mikulski, LHP, Fordham

12. Sal Frelick, OF, Boston College

13. Gunnar Hoglund, RHP, Mississippi

14. Will Bednar, RHP, Mississippi State

15. Andrew Abbott, LHP, Virginia

16. Michael McGreevey, RHP, UC Santa Barbara

17. Jaden Hill, RHP, LSU

18. Adrian Del Castillo, C/OF, Miami (FL)

19. Ethan Wilson, OF, South Alabama

20. Christian Franklin, OF, Arkansas

21. Ryan Holgate, OF, Arizona

22. McCade Brown, RHP, Indiana

23. Tommy Mace, RHP, Florida

24. Alex Binelas, 3B, Louisville

25. Sean Burke, RHP, Maryland

26. Joe Rock, LHP, Ohio

27. Mason Black, RHP, Lehigh

28. Gavin Williams, RHP, East Carolina

29. Cody Morissette, 3B, Boston College

30. Jonathan Cannon, RHP, Georgia

31. Dylan Smith, RHP, Alabama

32. Connor Norby, 2B, East Carolina

33. Robert Gasser, LHP, Houston

34. Mike Vasil, RHP, Virginia

35. Bryce McGowan, RHP, Charlotte

36. Matheu Nelson, C, Florida State

37. Christian MacLeod, LHP, Mississippi State

38. Jake Rucker, 3B, Tennessee

39. Spencer Schwellenbach, RHP, Nebraska

40. Trey Sweeney, 3B/SS, Eastern Illinois

41. Peyton Wilson, 2B, Alabama

42. Steven Hajjar, LHP, Michigan

43. J.T. Schwartz, 1B, UCLA

44. Max Ferguson, 2B, Tennessee

45. Tyler Black, 2B, Wright State

46. Dominic Hamel, RHP, Dallas Baptist

47. Kamren James, 3B, Mississippi State

48. Ryan Webb, LHP, Georgia

49. Kyle Manzardo, 1B-OF, Washington State

50. Zack Gelof, 3B, Virginia

51. Hunter Goodman, C/OF, Memphis

52. Hugh Fisher, LHP, Vanderbilt

53. Nathan Hickey, C, Florida

54. Jack Leftwich, RHP, Florida

55. Seth Lonsway, LHP, Ohio State

56. Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, Oregon State

57. Rodney Boone, LHP, UC Santa Barbara

58. Evan Shawver, LHP, Cincinnati

59. Grant Richardson, OF, Indiana

60. Tyler Hardman, 1B, Oklahoma

61. John Rhodes, OF, Kentucky

62. Justice Thompson, OF, North Carolina

63. Pete Hansen, LHP, Texas

64. Richard Fitts, RHP, Auburn

65. Eric Cerantola, RHP, Mississippi State

66. Doug Nikhazy, LHP, Mississippi

67. Chase Silseth, RHP, Arizona

68. Thomas Farr, RHP, South Carolina

69. Levi Usher, OF, Louisville

70. Bryce Miller, RHP, Texas A&M

71. Robby Martin, OF, Florida State

72. Jack Perkins, RHP, Louisville

73. Kevin Abel, RHP, Oregon State

74. Luca Tresh, C, North Carolina State

75. Landon Marceaux, RHP, LSU

76. Russell Smith, RHP, TCU

77. Jose Torres, SS, North Carolina State

78. Justin Wrobleski, LHP, Oklahoma State

79. Patrick Wicklander, LHP, Arkansas

80. Mack Anglin, RHP, Clemson

81. Elijah Cabell, OF, Florida State

82. Grant Holman, RHP, California

83. Wes Clarke, 1B, South Carolina

84. Pat Winkel, C, Connecticut

85. Brady Slavens, OF, Arkansas

86. Dominic Keegan, 1B, Vanderbilt

87. Ryan Bliss, SS/2B, Auburn

88. Mason Pelio, RHP, Boston College

89. Noah Cardenas, C, UCLA

90. Austin Love, RHP, North Carolina

91. Kris Armstrong, OF/1B, Florida

92. Casey Opitz, C, Arkansas

93. Luke Albright, RHP, Kent State

94. Caleb Roberts, OF, North Carolina

95. Troy Melton, RHP, San Diego State

96. Brant Hurter, LHP, Georgia Tech

97. Isaiah Thomas, OF, Vanderbilt

98. Cullen Kafka, RHP, Oregon

99. Ethan Murray, SS, Duke

100. Wyatt Olds, RHP, Oklahoma


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