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Which Colleges Produce the Most MLB Draft Picks?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The MLB Draft begins this Wednesday and concludes on Thursday. Due to the the financial uncertainty cause by COVID-19 the MLB Draft has been shortened to just five rounds.

While the SEC has been prolific at producing MLB Draft picks in recent years, the top ten schools of the past two decades have a distinct West Coast and Texas flair. Eight of the top ten schools are located west of the Mississippi River.

Arizona State leads the way with 151 MLB Draft picks since 1999. Spencer Torkelson, the likely number one overall pick, will help add to this list for the Sun Devils.

With nine College World Series appearance and one title since 1999, Cal State Fullerton's 149 MLB Draft picks come as no surprise. Texas, with two titles in the same period, is tied for third with Rice at 140 picks.

Florida and Stanford round out the top five. The Gators have one College World Series Championship since 1999, while the Cardinal have three runner-up finishes in that time period.

With the MLB Draft shortening to just five rounds this year, these schools will obviously not be able to keep up the same pace of MLB Draft picks.

The MLB Draft will be televised by ESPN2 and MLB Network beginning at 7 PM ET on Wednesday, with Thursday’s coverage beginning at 5 PM ET.

EDIT: By request, we have added the data for just the last ten years of the draft:


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