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Top 10 College Baseball Stadiums, According to Fans

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

We received hundreds of thousands of votes in our online polls to find the top stadiums in the country before finally crowning Mississippi State's Dudy Noble as the champion. Affectionately called "The Dude," Dudy Noble amassed 53,054 votes in the final round. Mississippi State has invested over $60 million dollars to have the best facilities in the country.

The final round of voting pitted Egg Bowl rivals, Mississippi State and Ole Miss, against each other. Ole Miss's Swayze Field finished second, just ahead of Arkansas's Baum-Walker Stadium.

Clark-LeClair Stadium on the campus of ECU was the only stadium outside of the SEC to reach the Final Four. Clark-LeClair stadium is famous for the "Jungle," a crew of raucous fans in left field.

Olsen Field in College Station, Texas marks one of three stadiums from the state to make the top ten. Houston's Schroeder Park (8) and Texas's Disch-Falk Field (9) also join Olsen Field in the top ten.

Top 10 College Baseball Stadiums According to Fans

We have since polled almost 100 D1 college baseball players and asked them their favorite places to play. Be sure to check out the players' top stadiums. Many familiar stadiums and a few surprises made the cut.


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