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Mississippi State's Dudy Noble wins College Baseball Nation's Best Stadium Tournament

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Mississippi State's Dudy Noble Field has emerged victorious in College Baseball Nation's 2020 Best Stadium Tournament!

After receiving 53,054 votes in the Finals, Dudy Noble Field dispatched Ole Miss's Swayze Field. The Tournament ignited a Twitter rendition of the Egg Bowl rivalry, as the two schools hit nearly 100,000 votes in the Finals in just 48 hours.

Mississippi State's Dudy Noble Field

Tallying over 75,000 votes in the tournament, The Dude emerged as a frontrunner early on despite a lack of support from official social media accounts. Aid came from unlikely sources like Central Michigan's Baseball team and a host of other accounts including Mississippi State's Barstool affiliate.

Bulldogs legend Jake Mangum tweeted his support of The Dude. Former Mississippi State standout, Elijah MacNamee echoed Mangum's support.

Dudy Noble eliminated several iconic ballparks, including Beaver Field, which is set in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, and Miller Park, which is nestled into the Rockies. The Dude defeated ECU's Clark-LeClair Stadium in the Final Four, despite a fervent effort by Pirates fans.


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