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2023 SEC Baseball Tournament: What to Watch For

The SEC Baseball Tournament features the best players and the best teams in college baseball all in one place with plenty on the line every year.

While a lot of teams already have an at-large bid locked up for the NCAA Tournament, there are still plenty of teams trying to earn a hosting spot or even a national seed.

Let’s take a look at some locks and who has some work to do at Hoover this year.

NCAA tournament locks (9): Florida, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama.

NCAA tournament bubble teams (1): Texas A&M

Fifteen conference wins in the SEC has generally been an automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament. All of the locks mentioned above have at least 16 wins and are in the top 25 in RPI+.

With 14 conference wins and an RPI in the thirties likely makes Texas A&M the 10th SEC to get into the tournament, but they’d feel a lot more comfortable with a win or two in the SEC Tournament.

Missouri and Georgia would have to win the tournament to advance in the postseason.

National seed locks (4): Florida, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and LSU

National seed bubble teams (5): South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn, and Alabama

Kentucky has the RPI to be a national seed, but just 16 conference wins probably holds them out. But if they can make a deep run in Hoover they have a good chance.

Pretty much everyone else on this bubble would have to play on Sunday and perhaps even win the whole tournament to move into national seed territory.

Hosing locks (4): Florida, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and LSU

Hosting bubble teams (5): South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn, and Alabama

While it would take a lot for any of these bubble teams to become national seeds, it would take that much for any of them to host a regional.

Kentucky and South Carolina have the best shot to host going into the tournament.

A lot of picking hosting sites comes down to geography, but there is not doubt that all of these teams are deserving enough to be in consideration to host.

It might all come down to who makes the deepest run in Hoover.

The SEC Tournament starts on Tuesday with South Carolina vs. Georgia, Tennessee vs. Texas A&M, Kentucky vs. Alabama, and Auburn vs. Missouri.


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