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A Conversation with Author, Heath Clary

We sat down with author, Heath Clary, to learn about his experience writing, All It Takes is Everything You've Got.


At the heart of any good story is first-hand experience, and author, Heath Clary, had the experience of a lifetime in 2019. From fall ball to the postseason, Clary had access to every one of Texas A&M's practices, team meetings, and games. In the confines of Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park and all around the country, Clary experienced, up-close-and-personal, a year in the life of an Aggie baseball player. All of his experiences, interviews, and insights ended up in his debut book, All It Takes Is Everything You've Got.

Clary's personal journey is quite impressive itself. From a student newspaper writer to online reporter for to published author, Clary developed into a seasoned college baseball reporter during his time at Texas A&M. While ordinary students may spend their senior year relishing in their last bit of freedom before entering the real world, Clary was not ordinary. Clary capitalized on his excellent relationship with the Aggie baseball coaching staff to craft a once in a lifetime experience. 

"Instead of just covering the team as a regular beat writer again, maybe they'll let me do this . . . and they welcomed me with open arms."     -Heath Clary, Author of All It Takes is Everything You've Got 

While Clary enjoyed his time as a beat writer and feature writer for the subscription-based online sporting news source,, he was looking for something more his senior year. "Instead of just covering the team as a regular beat writer again, maybe they'll let me do this . . . and they welcomed me with open arms."

Clary made the most of his unprecedented access. From the physically demanding "Program" that Aggie baseball players must endure in the fall to the ups and downs of the season in the spring, Clary left no stone unturned. Perhaps most striking is the genuineness of his story-telling. Quotes from players (former and current), the Aggie Baseball coaching staff, and rival coaches (including TCU's Jim Schlossnagle and Arkansas's Dave Van Horn) fill the pages with first-person accounts.

"I hope we can give you a special season to write about." -Texas A&M Head Baseball Coach, Rob Childress

None of this would have been possible without the support of the coaching staff and players. Aggie Baseball Head Coach Rob Childress was on board from the start. After just a few minute conversation with Clary, Coach Childress was all in. "I hope we can give you a special season to write about," said Childress.

Childress and the Aggies did not disappoint. The Aggies returned to a Regional for the 13th straight season in 2019 and scored one of the most unbelievable comebacks in college baseball history. Clary's book hits its climatic high with Bryce Blaum's walkoff grand slam of West Virginia which capped off a comeback victory for the Aggies from 9-1 down. The book is littered with exciting moments like this from the Aggies' 2019 season and remarkably captures the emotional ride that is a college baseball season. 

What's next for Clary? Clary admits that "it will be a little bit weird not being inside the program . . . but whatever I do, I will continue to write." It is my hope that Clary continues his writing in the world of college baseball because his talents will be needed as the sport continues to grow.

Not only does Clary's book offer incredible insight into Texas A&M's baseball program, it also reveals what life looks like as a college baseball player in the SEC and across the country. If you're an Aggie fan, baseball fan, or sports fan in general, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of All It Takes is Everything You've Got.


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