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Preseason College Baseball Top 50

Around the country college baseball players are waking up early for workouts and practices which means the 2023 college baseball season is around the corner. We've made it through most of the offseason, so it's time to start creating the pecking order for the upcoming season.

LSU leads the way with a huge influx of talent via the transfer portal. Tennessee, and their formidable pitching staff, follow the Tigers, while No. 3 Stanford looks to be the best in the west.

Wake Forest with reigning ACC Pitcher of the Year, Rhett Lowder check in at No. 4 followed by defending national champs, Ole Miss.

The SEC tops all conferences with 13 ranked teams, followed by the ACC (10), Pac-12 (6), and Big 12 (5).

See below for the full top 50!


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