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Southland Conference Moves Forward With Usual 30-Game Conference Schedule

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

On Friday, Abilene Christian University released their 2021 Southland Conference schedule. The schedule reveals that the Southland Conference is moving forward with their season schedule in a business as usual fashion. Similar to recent years, the schedule features ten weekends of three-game series for a total of 30 conference games.

Sources from other conferences, including the SEC and American, have indicated that conference-only schedules are a possibility for the 2021 season. One proposed plan in the SEC is 14 weeks of four-game series, totaling the typical 56 games. No official plans have been announced yet, and as of now most conferences (besides the Big Ten) are proceeding with scheduling non-conference games.

Source: @ACU_Baseball Twitter

Mid-major conferences, like the Southland Conference, are particularly dependent upon non-conference matchups as a means of boosting RPI. Without non-conferences games, the RPI would be a meaningless metric, and it is unclear how teams would be selected for the NCAA Tournament.

Earlier this week, the Wildcats released their midweek schedule, highlighted by matchups with SEC and Big 12 opponents. Abilene Christian finished the shortened 2020 season at 7-8 (1-2).


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