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The 2022 MLB Draft: The Midseason Top 100 College Players

With Easter having just passed, we are less than three months from the 2022 draft and about four months removed from the publication of our Pre-season Top 50 College Draft Prospects. Suffice to say, a lot has changed in the college baseball landscape since the debut of the list. Not only have multiple highly touted hurlers succumbed to injury—a development that’s adversely impacted their draft stock—but a number of guys have seen their standing in the eyes of evaluators soar or plummet depending upon their performance this spring.

Now that we’ve moved within the 3-month mark expect the action to increase here at CBN. We’re planning our first mock draft of the spring for early May, and this feature will be followed by additional mocks of varying lengths and scope as well as several in-depth articles on some of the top players available in July. In the meantime, enjoy our updated and expanded list:

1. Brooks Lee, SS, Cal Poly

2. Kevin Parada, C, Georgia Tech

3. Gavin Cross, OF, Virginia Tech

4. Jace Jung, 2B, Texas Tech

5. Chase DeLauter, OF, James Madison

6. Daniel Susac, C, Arizona

7. Jordan Beck, OF, Tennessee

8. Jacob Berry, 3B/OF, LSU

9. Dylan Beavers, OF, Cal Berkeley

10. Jud Fabian, OF, Florida

11. Cade Doughty, 2B/3B, LSU

12. Cam Collier, 3B, Chipola JC

13. Zach Neto, SS, Campbell

14. Connor Prielipp, LHP, Alabama

15. Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, Oregon State

16. Peyton Graham, 3B, Oklahoma

17. Landon Sims, RHP, Mississippi State

18. Blade Tidwell, RHP, Tennessee

19. Bryce Hubbart, LHP, Florida State

20. Gabriel Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga

21. Thomas Harrington, RHP, Campbell

22. Carter Young, SS, Vanderbilt

23. Peyton Pallette, RHP, Arkansas

24. Logan Tanner, C, Mississippi State

25. Parker Messick, LHP, Florida State

26. Brock Jones, OF, Stanford

27. Hunter Barco, LHP, Florida

28. Cayden Wallace, 3B/OF, Arkansas

29. Justin Campbell, RHP, Oklahoma State

30. Brycen Mautz, LHP, San Diego

31. Reggie Crawford, LHP, Connecticut

32. Adam Mazur, RHP, Iowa

33. Robert Moore, 2B/SS, Arkansas

34. Ryan Cermak, OF, Illinois State

35. Carson Whisenhunt, LHP, ECU

36. Jonathan Cannon, RHP, Georgia

37. Tyler Locklear, 3B, Virginia Commonwealth

38. Cade Hunter, C, Virginia Tech

39. Drew Gilbert, OF, Tennessee

40. Josh Kasevich, SS, Oregon

41. Jacob Melton, OF, Oregon State

42. Connor Staine, RHP, Central Florida

43. Drew Thorpe, RHP, Cal Poly

44. Joe Lampe, OF, ASU

45. Trystan Vrieling, RHP, Gonzaga

46. Jake Madden, RHP, Northwest Florida

47. Anthony Hall, OF, Oregon

48. Jordan Sprinkle, SS, UC Santa Barbara

49. Pete Hansen, LHP, Texas

50. Jace Grady, OF, Dallas Baptist

51. Sterlin Thompson, OF, Florida

52. Ben Joyce, RHP, Tennessee

53. Eric Brown, SS, Coastal Carolina

54. Riley Cornelio, RHP, TCU

55. Brandon Birdsell, RHP, Texas Tech

56. Hayden Dunhurst, C, Ole Miss

57. Trey Dombroski, LHP, Monmouth

58. Colby Thomas, OF, Mercer

59. Jared McKenzie, OF, Baylor

60. Zane Denton, 3B, Alabama

61. Alex Freeland, SS, Central Florida

62. Clark Elliott, OF, Michigan

63. Marcus Johnson, RHP, Duke

64. Nolan McLean, RHP, Oklahoma State

65. Owen Diodati, OF/1B, Alabama

66. Mack Anglin, RHP, Clemson

67. Brandon Sproat, RHP, Florida

68. Jack Washburn, RHP, Ole Miss

69. Silas Ardoin, C, Texas

70. Chris Newell, OF, Virginia

71. Nate Savino, LHP, Virginia

72. Colby Halter, 2B, Florida

73. Bryce Osmond, RHP, Oklahoma State

74. Carson Palmquist, LHP, Miami

75. Spencer Jones, 1B, Vanderbilt

76. Ryan Ritter, SS, Kentucky

77. Mason Barnett, RHP, Auburn

78. Jack Brannigan, RHP, Notre Dame

79. Orion Kerkering, RHP, South Florida

80. Zach Maxwell, RHP, Georgia Tech

81. Victor Mederos, RHP, Oklahoma State

82. Max Rajcic, RHP, UCLA

83. Sean McLain, OF, ASU

84. Ethan Long, 1B, ASU

85. Luke Gold, 3B, Boston College

86. Troy Melton, RHP, San Diego State

87. Drew Compton, 3B/1B, Georgia Tech

88. Adam Maier, RHP, Oregon

89. Jimmy Crooks, C, Oklahoma

90. Ivan Melendez, 1B, Texas

91. Eric Reyzelman, RHP, LSU

92. Luis Ramirez, RHP, Long Beach State

93. Kamren James, 3B, Mississippi State

94. Michael Prosecky, LHP, Louisville

95. Aaron Nixon, RHP, Texas

96. Chris Villaman, RHP, NC State

97. Dalton Rushing, 1B/C, NC State

98. Jack Jasiak, RHP, South Florida

99. Jacob Watters, RHP, West Virginia

100. Sebastian Keane, RHP, Northeastern


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